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Welcome to Long Beach Dating. Dating in Long Beach is part of the OnlineDatingAmerica dating service and as such we are able to offer you the chance to date single men and women from Long Beach, assisting you in the search for your perfect Long Beach match. If you'd prefer to meet the man or woman of your dreams from an area away from Long Beach, our Long Beach singles service extends throughout the USA. So finding your ideal partner couldn't be easier.
Free to Join. The fantastic thing about our Long Beach dating site, is that you can join now for free and start browsing our database of genuine member's photo profiles straight away. This will tell you if there's someone you like the look and sound of before taking the next step. It only takes a couple of minutes to register with Long Beach personals.
What to do now. Start by completing the simple sign up form above. From the top, the form starts with "I am a" now click on the arrow to the right of where it says "please select" and you'll be able to choose either, "man looking for a woman" or "woman looking for a man".
Next type your first name i.e. James, into the box provided. Again, using the drop down menu, select your birth day, the month in which you were born and the year of your birth. Add your email address in the next box. Rest assured, your email address this will always be kept private from other members. Finally pick an easy to remember password and type it into the box provided. Now click on the 'Join Free' button and you'll be taken through to your very own, easy to complete, profile page. Once you're a member of Dating in Long Beach, you'll be able to search for other singles in Long Beach and all over the USA for free.
Add a Photo. Some daters think that other 'Long Beach Dating' members will notice their profile if they've not added a photo and yes, sometimes they will. However, uploading a photo to your profile using our self explanatory 'picture up loader' is a great idea, in our view.
Adding a photo will make a huge difference to your chances of successfully finding love, fun and friendship on We estimate it'll increase your chances by over 85%, so come on, we want you to succeed in finding your perfect partner, so take our advice and add a picture to your Long Beach dating profile as soon as you can:)
Safe Dating. We'd like to draw your attention to Dating in Long Beach's dating safety tips. Clearly it's important to be careful when meeting someone new for the first time and reading our dating tips will certainly help. Yes it's important to be careful, it's also important to enjoy your date. As long as you've done everything that you can to be as safe as possible, then it's time to have some fun with a little more peace of mind:)
Please take a moment to read our Long Beach safe dating tips by following this link > Date safely in Long Beach.
Good luck and have fun! In conclusion, whether you're searching for love here in Long Beach with online dating in Long Beach or elsewhere in the US, you'll find that friends, fun and happiness are just a click away. We've thousands of members living in or near Long Beach and with many more joining every day, your chances of finding romance on a date in Long Beach are excellent. Don't forget it's FREE to register. So hurry - don't delay - find love with today.

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